Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Picture of Chloe

Here is a picture I took today of Chloe. I can't stop looking at her so it is hard not to go nuts with the camera!!! And here is a picture with Daddy!


Here is a picture of Porter at work for anyone who has never seen him. We have been married almost 5 years now and I love him so much!

Baby Alvin (Brinton) Hazar was Born!

Baby Alvin Hazar was born today at 8am! He weighs 8lbs 3 ozs and is 20 1/2 inches long. He is Chloe's Cousin! Porter's Sister Nabby is doing great and only had a 6 hour labor (compared to my 17 hour labor)!! So fun to have little cousins only 4 days apart! They will be buddies growing up!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Chloe Brinton and Baby Gavin Gunnarson

Jen and Julie came to the hospital and Baby Gavin and Baby Chloe became close friends! They are 6 weeks apart and about the same size because Gavin is such a small baby! How Cute are they!

Chloe and Daddy with Cousins Clara and Reid

Clara and Reid are Porter's Sister Nabby's Kids! She is expecting her baby next week! So we will have babies 1 week apart. We can't wait to meet Baby Alvin. Clara and Reid were excited to see baby Chloe to see what they are in for with there new baby coming soon!

More Pictures of Chloe

Here are some more pictures! She is such a cutie!

Chloe is here!

Our Baby Girl was born 3/27/08 at 1:06am! She weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces and she was 20 inches long. I can already tell she is going to be taller than mommy! Which isn't hard since Porter's family are all so tall and I am a midget along with all my friends! haha! I had a 17 hour labor and it was a emotional roller coaster! Porter was pure white the whole time and my mom cried silent tears! My baby's heart rate kept dropping to the 80's (babies are suppost to be 125-140). It was so scary! My blood pressure at one point dropped to 50/20 and that is VERY low. My Dr was not happy when he came into see what had been going on. It was the hardest most emotionally scary thing I have ever been through. Now I have a beautiful little girl!