Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Pictures of Chloe's other family birthday party with Porter's Family..

Here is Chloe after her party getting all clean! I forgot to post them so that is why these are showing first instead of last! Dang I hate that how you can't reverse the order on these blogs once you post the pictures.
Her little Shampoo hair do!!!
Chloe and Her Cousin Alvin celebrated there 1st birthday together today.. They are 4 days apart! Chloe is March 27th and Alvin's Birthday is March 31st.
Nabby (porters sister) made the best cupcakes! They were so good! I really could have easily ate 2 but I stopped at 1 :(
The babies loved there cupcakes

here is chloe opening some presents

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chloe Got Her Pictures Taken and I had to post 1

The rest will be done in 2 weeks. But I need to post atleast one because I love them so much!!!
Great Job Mindy!
Just a sneak preview!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Top Flavor was Spice, The middle was Chocolate with Fresh Strawberries and cream in the middle and the bottom was vanilla with cream cheese in the middle! It was so good! Everyone commented how tasty it was!

She loved her balloons and loves her cousin Gavin!
I couldn't believe how much she loved opening each present. She would take the tissue out and hand it to us and then get out the gift and look at each one.

every piece of wrapping paper she ripped off she stoped to hand it to us
This was her face in the middle of the circle as we all sang happy birthday to her really loud
Thanks for the Party mommy and daddy! haha

This Saturday was Chloe's Birthday party with my side of the family. Her actual Birthday is the 27th. We had a lot of fun! We had pizza and salad and 32 or more people came. I have a pretty big family being the youngest of 6 kids. Chloe is the only baby in our family and the next oldest grandkid is 3 1/2 years old. So she gets pretty babied. It was fun! She loved being the center of attention. We had a cake made from this girl named Bethany who did a amazing job! If anyone needs a cake in the future including wedding you should call her 518-1774. It was also delicious!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Pics of Chloe

I can't believe Chloe turns 1 in 11 days! It has gone by so fast! I am so happy to be a mom, although I know 2 kids is for sure going to be all for me. I want Chloe to have a sibling down the road. She is such a sweet girl and thrives for attention when we go out in public. She is the baby that stares at people until they look at her and then she does little face tricks and winks with both eyes at them to make them smile. She loves being the center of attention. We are going to get her pictures taken on the 22nd and I can't wait to see how they turn out. She is not standing on furniture and whenever I stand her legs up she screams, cries and gets really mad! She just bends at her knees as hard as she can arches her back because she gets so mad and wants to get down to scoot around on her butt. Whenever I hold her she gives me or anyone else about 1 minute to hold her before she is pushing you away with all her strength in her legs and arms until you put her down. I didn't like to be held either as a baby so maybe she is taking after me in that way.