Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trip to California

A Bird that just sat there and didn't care if I was close to it.
This is where we stayed. We stayed at the lower Condo's
Cute Picture of Chloe and Daddy
We ate at the Pier the first night we got there! Fun!! Porters mom and dad

This is in the front room of the condo! Glass Windows on the back of the condo. So pretty!!

Last week we went to California and Stayed in a Beach House! It was so much fun! I was in heaven! It was the prettiest area! We stayed in San Clemente which is near Laguna Beach and Dana Point. We went with Porter's parents. It was so much fun to be away and spend time with Porter and Chloe and Reid and Vickie. Every day a really loud train would come by every 30 minutes right in front of our window. It was so loud but it was so fun that we were right on the beach and had a train come by the balcony. We also spent a day in Irvine. It was so much fun to hang out on the beach and shop.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Porter and Chloe Playing a Game

This was so much fun to watch. I had to grab my camera because she loved it so much.

Chloe Loves Baths

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Pics of Chloe

A Hat From Trendy Tots Boutique that Chloe needs to grow into
Chloe and her cousin Alivn
Chloe and Grandma Sharp
A funny face
Chloe trying not to sit level. Loves putting her feet up.

Here is some cute new pics of Chloe.

Some Fun New Pictures

My Nephew Hunter Turned 8. This is the present we got him a shirt and a puzzle.
My cute niece Amie and her cute Boyfriend Joe.
Chloe being passed around. Everyone loves holding her.
Porter hanging out
Me and Chloe

We went to my nephew Hunters Birthday last Sunday. It was a lot of fun at my sister Kimberly's house. We had a BBQ and they kids launched water balloons with a launcher. Porter held one end of the launcher and my sister Kimberly's brother in law held the other side. They had so much fun. I can't wait until Chloe is old enough to run around with her dad. Then after the party my cute niece Amie and her boyfriend Joe played games with my mom and I until almost midnight. We played Uno, Triomano's and Yatzee (who knows how you spell those haha). It was a lot of fun. Porter didn't participate because he doesn't like board games at all :(

Friday, July 11, 2008

Porter's Nephew Alvin Baby Blessing

Sunday was Alvin's baby blessing. He is Chloe's cousin who is only 4 days younger than her. We had so mcuh fun going. Nabby always makes the best food and she made a array of Rice Crispy Treats! They were so good! I could eat them until I was sick. She made like 6 differant flavors. They were dipped in White Chocolate and the whole shabang!! Yummy! We got a family picture minus Porter's brothers (Chauncey and Pack) They weren't there. But it was a lot of fun and Alvin looked adorable!

We went to Kinderwinkel with Jen

On Thursday we went to Kinderwinkel (chloe's favorite store ha ha) with Jen. It was so much fun! We stayed there well for probably over a hour and didn't even really notice. It was so much fun helping each other decide what we thought was the cutest out of our sale pile we had. Then after we ate at Pei Wei. It was so good to see her and see her cute little boys. We forgot to take a picture so all I have to post are some pictures of Chloe I took before we left.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some pics Porter took of Chloe after her Bath

Here are some cute pictures Porter got of Chloe after her bath the other night. She is getting so big. Porter loves taking close ups. Real Close ups.

Chloe's First time Swimming

Chloe in her little swimsuit
Chloe and Aunt Rochelle
Chloe in her Car Seat on the way there Gavin made her Smile

Today I went swimming at my brother in law's moms house. I was with there kids watching them so we were able to go to her pool. She has it in her backyard so those are the best kinds of pools to go to! I went with my sister Rochelle and her kids and Gavin and Hunter (there grandma's house) It was so much fun. Chloe actually loved the water. She loved kicking away and then after about 50 minutes she wanted a bottle and was out for a nap. What a cute girl. When she eats her bottle lately she loves to put her hand on it and hold it on one side by the nipple. What a cute girl!
She loves to be entertained but when she is she smiles right when you look at her and smile. She especially loves to laugh at her dad. Porter baths her every night. I go in also to watch but every night he gets her bath ready then after he puts on her lotion swaddles her and gets her to sleep and then I can get on the laptop and do whatever I want. He does this without fail every night and has for the longest time. He helps me so much because I am the type that needs some time to myself to do something I enjoy each night to wind down for bed so I love it. It has been so much work having a baby but I am so grateful to have her. But everyone that has had a baby can remember how hard there first was.. geesh lots of work to adjust! But of course totally worth it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

We are running a awesome Special at my Location of Total Health and Fitness

Ok sorry to post this but we are running the most amazing special right now at my office. We have NEVER offerered our Amazing Program this low before and you probably wont see it come around again. It normally cost 720 for a 12 week program (60 a session) right now we are running a Private Sale through the end of July of 540.00 for a 12 week (45.00 a session) So if you have ever had any kind of fitness goals you would love this program! It teaches the best pricipals. A lot of my friends have already done it or are familiar with it because I have worked with them for 4 years and my husband and I and our partner David own a Franchise of it.
So anyway if you are interested let me know soon!
Failure is Not a Option when you have THF on your side!
Now again sorry for being Cheesy but I am so excited that we are able to offer it this low for the month of July.
FYI we do also work with Over the Phone clients who get all of there program information accessed online and have a login to do so!