Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Dinner Before Christmas

Hillari, Me, Jen Gunnarson, Jen Clyde, Julie and Niki

This was the night my camera was broken before I got my new one so I had to wait to get pics from my friends. We all went to dinner and brought a 15.00 gift. I ended up with the cutest gloves that I wear everyday from Hillari! It was so much fun and now we are going to start going to dinner the last Wednesday of every month. So Heidi When you are in town Come!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Times with Friends

Me Jen Niki
Andrew Porter KC and Corbin
The Host Cameron Ferre
The Next Night Porter, Dave Clyde and Wes
Porter and Wes

Me Jen and Jody in Pic Below
Chloe with her kitchen that Jen Clyde passed down to her after Lillee out grew it! Like Brand New! Thanks!

This weekend was so fun with everyone in Town! Saturday night we went over to Cameron Ferre's house to see some of my friends from Highschool that are all married now or moved away. we ate dinner and then talked for a long time and hung out. Porter loved it too because I was introduced to Porter from a friend we have named Andrew Roach and he was back home visiting too. So Porter talked to him and 2 other friends he has made from when he lived in L.A. with them. KC Clyde and Corbin Allred. It was so much fun to see everyone!
Then on Sunday night we went over to Wes and Jody's house and ate dinner with them and Dave and Jen Clyde. Andrew was going to come but he had a cold that was acting up and Corbin was going to stop by on his way back to Cedar City but had to keep going because his kids fell asleep. So it just ended up being us 6 with our kids but it was so much fun! Jody cooks the best food!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kinderwinkel Kids Boutique Special!

This was taken from the Kinderwinkel Blog! I love this store so much and they have so many things on sale right now! This really is such a great deal~!

Event: Kinder Kash!
I'm SUPER EXCITED to tell everyone about our very first KINDER KASH event. Here is how it works. For every $50 you spend in the store from now until January 15th you will get a $20 KINDER KASH coupon. The $20 KINDER KASH coupon will be good towards any purchase over $50 made February 2nd through February 7th. THAT'S NOT ALL! If you tell someone about the KINDER KASH event and they come in and participate, you will get an extra $10 KINDER KASH coupon to be used toward purchases made February 2nd through February 7th. That could amount to A LOT of KINDER KASH to purchase a lot of super cute stuff for your KINDER! There is a ton of stuff on sale right now to make room for our Spring inventory so don't miss out on HUGE savings for you little ones while at the same time earning KINDER KASH on future purchases!

SO if you go in! Please tell her Katrina Brinton sent you in so I can get SOME 10.00 refferals!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Christmas Pictures from Christmas Eve

She was not liking the headband. When I put it on everytime she would close her eyes and rip it off. Below is Chloe and her Uncle Pack. He slept over at our house Christmas Eve and we watched movies. He is a lot of fun to be around.

Here are few more pictures to post. We went to Porter's Parents house on Christmas Eve and had dinner and a little party. We dressed up the kids in a Nativity Costumes that Porter's sister had made the year before. Chloe was Mary. It was so much fun to have a baby for Christmas this year. I can't wait until she knows what is going on with Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party

My little Family
Porter's Cute mom and Brother Chauncey and Nephew Alvin
Porter's dad with a raffle we had. He got the mystery gift that was wrapped. I think he was hoping for a BB gun

Nope it's a snow scrapper

Me and Chloe getting ready to head out for the party

Tonight we went to a Christmas Party with Porter's extended family. It was so much fun! He has a fun family and really fun cousins and aunts and uncle's. They love telling stories and laughing hard and loud. It was such a good time. Here are some pictures. I took a lot but some were blurry so I am not posting those. I forgot to put my flash up on the ones that didn't turn out.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am loving my new Camera

Chauncey With Clara and Chloe
Chloe in her Cort Jester hat
Porter's Sister Nabby. I snuck in a candid
Porter's sister Nabby and I (she is who I can talk to forever)

Tonight we went to dinner at Porter's parents and I took a bunch of pictures with my new Christmas camera Porter got me. I am loving the camera so I will be posting a lot of pics!
It is so much fun going over to Porter's Parents on Sundays. I love hanging out over there. I never want to leave so it is always him saying are you ready. I never am ready because he has a really fun family to be around and I could stay there all night. I am so happy that I married into a family that I love so much. I love his siblings and he has amazing parents. And I am really grateful Chloe has a awesome dad since I never got a change to know mine.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some pics around the house today

Chloe loves to grab faces
she just loves her daddy so much! They have the daddy daughter bond

I took a couple of pics before we left tonight. So here they are.

Epic Casual Dining

Sad that you can't see chloe's face!
Chloe playing patty cake
Whenever I say Smile she does these same cheese!
Jen told me about yogurt melts. Chloe cries inbetween them cause we don't feed her fast enough. They are like crack to her! And yes we have to place them in her mouth. When we give her the food in her hand she throws it!
Chloe Eating the paper on the table
Everyone around us was laughing because she was playing with the paper squeeling and laughing. This place was the best for her. She thought she was at Disneyland with all that paper.
Looks like they are on a little date
Little Mini and her dad

When we first got there I sat her on the bench by her grandma

Saturday night we went to the Epic Casual Dining in Midvale on Ft Union. This is about 5 minutes from my house and I never thought I should go try it. Well it is the best food!! It is super nice inside too! It is the type of restaurant that say's casual but it really isn't. It is super high end food and really cool inside. I got the Chicken Marsala and the Chicken was SOOO tender! And Porter got a Pork Medallion's dish and my mom got the Salmon. We also got this flat bread as a appetizer and it had chicken, walnuts, feta, cranberries and a pesto sauce on it. It was the most tasty appetizer ever! The tables along this one section are really close together so the couple next to us kept playing with Chloe so I asked them if there salad was good (a side salad that was soooo yummy looking had all kinds of greens and stuff) and he said they drive ALL the way from Park City to eat there 2 a month for a date night. He said that's how good this place is and there salad is the best salad I have ever had he said from anywhere. It reminded me of the salad that Carver's has that is my sister in laws favorite salad. So now I need to go again and pass on the appetizer and start with the salad that everyone was raving about. It is a huge side salad that could feel 2 people for sure. So the point is.... Everyone needs to go there! No one would be un happy! It was super busy and the best atmosphere! You want to dress kinda cute to go cause it is for sure not a casual dress down place but more a casual place because they have big purple sofa's while you are waiting! Really Cool!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chloe's Cutest Dress I got suppost to be for Christmas! haha!

Chloe at Kinderwinkel with Jen and Julie

Conner was so cute with Chloe! Loved to talk and cuddle with her

Julie got a cute picture of Chloe while she was playing with her. We all went to Kinderwinkel and Rumbi's! It was so much fun! Esp when Kinderwinkel has the Entire Store at 25% OFF!