Friday, January 23, 2009

My Birthday Dinner

My cute Ruffle Shirt from Jen Clyde and Below the peace shirt I wore with it from Britt!

Above Me Jen and Britt. Britt not quit ready for pic but I think she is pretty anyways!
Erin, Jen not quite ready to stop talking and smile and Me
Me and Julie! opposites attract outfits! haha!
Britt and I
My cake.. I only had 3 bites it was so rich
Gloves from Jen C
Jen G, Julie, Karolynn, Hillari, Bottom Row Britt, Me and Niki
Below Erin, Jen, Jen, Julie, Me, Karolynn, Niki, Hillari and Brittany

This week we all went out for my birthday! We went out to macaroni grill! It was so much fun to hang out with everyone and we missed our friends that couldn't make it. I am so happy to have such great friends! I got some really cute stuff too! I love all my new things! Also Saturday night we went out to dinner with Wes and Jody and Dave and Jen but I forgot to get pics! So I had a really fun Birthday! And this Sunday I am having my birthday party at Porter's parents with his family. This has been so much fun this year to have fun things to do.

Fun Photo Shoot for Jen's Boutique

Jen got in a really cute line I found for her! I was so happy because it is so cute in person and everyone is loving it because it is fun and comfy stuff! In person you will die over this stuff! We all wore it for my birthday too!
Here are a couple of pictures! Porter was really awesome and this last weekend he let me go to her boutique and her and I stayed there til 1 am! We had a lot of fun and it is the latest I have been out for a long time! I couldn't even function the next day! haha!

Friday, January 9, 2009

J Chic OpEniNG!!!

Hi Mommy!! Chloe at J chic!

Jen (owner) and me!! in my shirt from her that 4 of my friends bought after! So cute in everyone and only 34!!! So cute in person!
Jen Me and Julie!
Here it is!! Cute Little Boutique! Everything is sooooo affordable! Jeans average around $45 and Up to 110.. Nothing More than that.. But majority are under 100.

Today I went to lunch with Jen Gunnarson, Julie Yates, Trish and Karolynn.. Afterwards we went over to my cute Friend Jen Clyde's Boutique Opening. She did such a good job and has the most amazing clothes!! It is on 1098 W 10600 S. Everyone should go check it out! She is having a opening sale of 15% off 1 item.. The coupon is up front. I love my friends. We had a lot of fun today and they all looked so cute!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Couple of Random Pics

Chloe, Her Cousin Gavin and Me at a lunch for my niece
Me and Porter
Porter and Chloe
My 2 cousins Sara and Stacie
My cousin Heidie and I

This week my cute niece Amie got married and I was in her line. It was a busy week! Tonight Porter and I went to dinner with my cousins who I grew up with and there spouses. It was a lot of fun! I will post some pics of my cute niece when I get some from her or my moms camera because I forgot to take mine.