Monday, June 30, 2008

I did Break my Toe :(

I went to instacare today and I am now on crutches.. I have to go back July 9th to see if I have to get surgery. My Big toe has a good break in it and it is moved over far enough that he said I may
need surgery depending on how it looks in 9 days when I go back. What a crappy thing to happen to me. I am such a clutz all the time!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My New Haircut!

Porter's sister cut my hair off Friday! I love it! The same day I missed a few stairs and landed at the bottom and I think I broke my big toe. I have to go to the Dr tomorrow because I can't put pressure on it and that makes it so I can't really walk.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Updates Pics

Chloe licking her Dad's hands.. she loves sucking on things.
Lunch with Porter's Fam at the Porrcipine Grill (however you spell it haha)
My Nephew and his new Bride
My neice and my sister (her mom Rochelle) and my sister Kimberly then me.

My blog hasn't been uploading pictures. everytime I go to upload it gives me a error from my laptop acting up. So I wanted to see if they would post today. I have been busy with my nephew getting married. We went to New Mexico for it. Here are a few pics! Sorry I can't type a lot but Chloe is about to cry because she wants me to hold her. I did see sex and the city the other day with my friends! Erin, Jen, Julie, Heidi and Jackie.. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Who knows why we didn't get a group picture.. Everyone looked so cute. I love heidi's hair blonde. And Jen looked so cute in her new clothes. And Erin looked beautiful! And Julie has such a cute body and always looks so cute and Jackie looked so cute and skinny. Hillari was there but then had to leave so we missed her! But I did meet her at the gym earlier that day and we had so much fun doing Muscle Works Class together. I have such cute friends.
I loved getting out and going with friends and I hope we go again! Porter's mom is the best mother in law. She watched Chloe for me! I feel bad asking her but she seems to love her grandkids so much and never minds. When I came to pick her up chloe was chatting it up with her Grandpa. I am so lucky!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Chloe finally sitting up in the chair.. 11 weeks old

Mommy snuck in a shot when they weren't paying attention

Loves sucking on her bjorn. She also loves sucking on her hand non stop..

She is growing up so fast!! what a cutie pie!

I just love her cheeks! she has her daddy's cheeks and I could bite them off!

Here is some darling pics in my eyes of Chloe sitting up in a recliner chair. I have wanted her to do it since i have seen Alvin doing it on Nabby's blog but she never would. Today I tried it again and it worked! Also here is another pic of her in her Bjorn facing forward. And a pic of her and daddy carrying her in her bjorn. He didn't know I was taking the pic I zoomed in so he wasn't smiling. haha!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here are some family pics

Here is a picture with one of my sister's Kimberly and the other picture is of one of my other sister's daughter Amie. She is such a sweet niece and we grew up super close since she is 21 and I am 28 I loved carrying her around like my little doll. She also took these other pictures of Chloe that I think turned out really cute.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Chloe Doing a BIG SMILE!!

I love the stage where your baby starts to laugh and smile! Here is a cute shot I got of her smiling.

Chloe and her little Bro Wilbur

I didn't know how Chloe and Wilbur would get along but she really likes him and he loves to lay by her looking down at her wondering who she is. Here are some pics of them together and then some cute close ups of her.

Clara's Early Birthday Party

Mom please get her off of me NOW!!!!! It looks like he is talking haha!

Reid and Clara on the Stairs at Grandma's House. Clara is the b-day girl 3 years old.

A Cute Close up of Chloe with her Daddy

Chloe laying on Alvin's Shoulder.. He's still trying to smile for the camera

Alvin's Hand is by her shoulder kinda trying to push her off..

Close up of them on the coach by each other. Chloe giving Alvin a elbow/punch

Another Slight punch to the head by Chloe..

Sunday we went to Grandma Brinton's house for cousin Clara's Birthday. It was so much fun to get together and take new pics of babies cousins Chloe and Alvin in there matching outfits from Porter's Uncle and Aunt. There are both growing however Alvin can sit up when he is against something and Chloe can't yet. She can hold her head up and sit forward in her Bjorn now but when you sit her up against a chair she falls right over to her side. So you can tell by Alvin's face he wondered what was going on and why he had to be tortured by holding up this little girl. It was funny for the adults though escpecially Nabby and I we always laugh so hard when we see the faces they make when we lay them by each other and they both swat each others faces.

I can't find my camera cord!

I am trying to find my camera cord and I am so mad it is lost..
aI took chloe to her 2 month dr appt this week and she weighed 13lbs 8 ozs and was
24 inches long. She is a little Long Board!! She is so cute and smiles and talks way more
now and blows spit bubbles and loves watching baby einstein at one point during the day.
I can't wait to find my cord and if Ican't find it I wonder if they sell spares? I am going
to go look this weekend.