Saturday, January 3, 2009

Couple of Random Pics

Chloe, Her Cousin Gavin and Me at a lunch for my niece
Me and Porter
Porter and Chloe
My 2 cousins Sara and Stacie
My cousin Heidie and I

This week my cute niece Amie got married and I was in her line. It was a busy week! Tonight Porter and I went to dinner with my cousins who I grew up with and there spouses. It was a lot of fun! I will post some pics of my cute niece when I get some from her or my moms camera because I forgot to take mine.


Brett & Brittany said...

Cute pictures - you look so pretty :) Chloe is getting SO big and has LOTS of hair too! I can't believe she's going to be one year old in a couple of months!!!

Nabby Hazar said...

i love that misha dress. it was my inspiration for the apron:)

The Amundsen's said...

hey katrina- looks like you guys had a great holiday! i love all the pics, you & chloe are always dressed so dang cute! chloe is getting so big. she is looking like such a big girl to me. i LOVE her smile!!! it was fun to see all the pics of people from highschool.

The Wathen's said...

How did you get the happiest baby on earth? She is so much fun! Can't wait to go to lunch :)