Saturday, April 25, 2009

Runway Show at J Chic/VintageFox Boutique

Nabby, Karolynn, Me and Brittany
Britt and I
Hillari, Me, Karolynn and Brittany
Hillari, Brittany, Me and Nabby

Nabby.. She was a runway model in LA so she showed us all how to walk downstairs. It was so much fun!!! Everyone LOVED my sister in law! she is the best and the most Gorgeous Girl! She is sooo stunning! I can't say enough how much I Love Porter's family!!!
My Friend Karolynn and I. We both Grew up in Midvale :)
Karolynn Britt and I ( I have worked with Brittany at 2 jobs now and she is now my receptionist and runs operations for me at THF)
Below is my sweetest little friend Jen Clyde and I.. This is the cute owner of and also located at 1098 w 10600 s.. You can buy her stuff online now and I am helping her upload her stuff to her website. It just launched so we are still putting lots of stuff up.

This weekend I did a runway show to help my friend Jen Clyde out. It was so much fun because my sister in law Nabby was in it, my friends Karolynn, Brittany and Jen Clyde were in it too. So the funnest part was playing dress up with my friends. Plus my #1 Passion is Of course Fashion! I love clothes and I love putting together outfits for myself and everyone else too. Afterwards we went to Zuppas with Nabby, Karolynn, Brittany and Hillari and I and we talked and laughed and had some good salads and sandwiches. It was funny because Porter and Chloe were sitting front and center at the runway so when I would walk down I would hear this little baby coaxing for me and it made me smile.


Brett & Brittany said...

I had SO much fun too! I loved getting to know Nabby, your in-laws are seriously the best!! You look gorgeous in all of the pics taken of you. I loved the outfits you sported and I really love the purple flannel shirt you own, and wore on the runway. The show turned out soooo good and it was such a blast :D

Nabby Hazar said...

that was so nice of you to say about me. I feel the same about you. You do so much for me and are so caring and generous. you are always looking out for me too. not to mention you are beautiful. thanks for letting me be in that show it was so much fun.

McNeil said...

That is so cute.....a little girl's dream. Playing dress up with all her friends. How fun. And can I say you are absolutely Gorgeous. Love the pics.

Grandma Brinton said...

i was a proud mother in and nabby were beautiful models. And, of course, all the friends were beauteous also.