Friday, May 16, 2008

Chloe in a Outfit from Porter's Aunt Barbara

Today we went to Lunch with Jen Conner and Gavin. It was a lot of fun! We went to Kinderwinkle after and Jen got some cute outfits for her little boys. I got a dress for Chloe that she will wear when it fits in a few months. (was on sale so I couldn't resist! If you haven't been to Kinderwinkle yet you need to go! It is by the Pei Wei on 10400 s state. Jen got some cute Tea Collection Clothes and a Featherbaby one piece that is so cute for Gavin! And a little Disney Couture Oscar the Groch Shirt for Conner! They are going to look SOOO cute!


Nabby Hazar said...

the hat and shoes are the same that babs got for alvin, but in navy blue, we will have to have them wear those outfits together. that is soo cute on her.

gunnarson said...

Look at little Chloe! She still looks tiny compared to my chubber cheeked Gav. I was thinking before we went to lunch today that we should've gotten a pic of the two of them together to compare from the last one, but then I forgot. I am so excited about the boys new clothes! That store has some of the cutest stuff! Thanks for making me go in :)