Friday, May 30, 2008

Thanksgiving point with with Chloe's Cousins

Today we went to thanksgiving point. It was so much fun and pretty good weather until it got cold. Chloe and Alvin have matching outfits now so we wanted to get some cute pics of them. Grandma Brinton got sneezed on by a horse after she commented on how much she loved horses! She had snot covered from head to toe it was so funny and gross at the same time.. haha!


Rachel said...

Very cute outfits! They grow up so fast don't they?

McNeil said...

They are so cute with their matching outfits. Chloe and Alvin look really close to the same size, the only reason i notice is because Caden and my nephew are exactly 1 month apart and my nephew is almost double in size. It's Crazy! It will be interesting (and fun) to watch them grow together.

The Amundsen's said...

what cute pics! i don't know if we are going to the reunion, i really want to- but bart might have to be here on that saturday. if he dosen't work we will go for sure (even though bart dosen't want to- he is such a punk & says he dosen't even want to see anyone, but i do- i like so many people in that class & i'm boss!! ha ha) let me know when you know if you are going or not. if we do go it will only be to the little america part though.