Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cute Pic of Chloe

I got out a outfit for chloe that is 3-6 months and it fit her. It is a little baggy but she is getting so big. She is 8 weeks old tomorrow. It has gone by so fast! Her personality is starting to shine. She smiles big smiles now and talks to you when she hears you talk to her in a excited voice. She is so cute and we love her so much. I can't wait until she is older and can sit up and laugh!


The Amundsen's said...

chloe sounds so fun- and they just get more & more fun the older they get!! it is so fun seeing their little personalities unfold! i didn't have time to go to the boutique when we were in salt lake (we were only there for 1 day) but i have it on my list of stuff to do next time!! ooh, and this is so sad- the little leapord car seat cover i ordered from that place you recommended just sent me an e-mail saying that is out of stock and they refunded my money, i was soooooo bummed out! i will keep checking on it though- i have to have it!!

gunnarson said...

cute outfit!! Love the little smile. They are so darn cute when they start developing their personalities. By the time I get back both our babies will look so different. we still have to get an updated pic of them together though!