Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Times with Friends

Me Jen Niki
Andrew Porter KC and Corbin
The Host Cameron Ferre
The Next Night Porter, Dave Clyde and Wes
Porter and Wes

Me Jen and Jody in Pic Below
Chloe with her kitchen that Jen Clyde passed down to her after Lillee out grew it! Like Brand New! Thanks!

This weekend was so fun with everyone in Town! Saturday night we went over to Cameron Ferre's house to see some of my friends from Highschool that are all married now or moved away. we ate dinner and then talked for a long time and hung out. Porter loved it too because I was introduced to Porter from a friend we have named Andrew Roach and he was back home visiting too. So Porter talked to him and 2 other friends he has made from when he lived in L.A. with them. KC Clyde and Corbin Allred. It was so much fun to see everyone!
Then on Sunday night we went over to Wes and Jody's house and ate dinner with them and Dave and Jen Clyde. Andrew was going to come but he had a cold that was acting up and Corbin was going to stop by on his way back to Cedar City but had to keep going because his kids fell asleep. So it just ended up being us 6 with our kids but it was so much fun! Jody cooks the best food!