Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kinderwinkel Kids Boutique Special!

This was taken from the Kinderwinkel Blog! I love this store so much and they have so many things on sale right now! This really is such a great deal~!

Event: Kinder Kash!
I'm SUPER EXCITED to tell everyone about our very first KINDER KASH event. Here is how it works. For every $50 you spend in the store from now until January 15th you will get a $20 KINDER KASH coupon. The $20 KINDER KASH coupon will be good towards any purchase over $50 made February 2nd through February 7th. THAT'S NOT ALL! If you tell someone about the KINDER KASH event and they come in and participate, you will get an extra $10 KINDER KASH coupon to be used toward purchases made February 2nd through February 7th. That could amount to A LOT of KINDER KASH to purchase a lot of super cute stuff for your KINDER! There is a ton of stuff on sale right now to make room for our Spring inventory so don't miss out on HUGE savings for you little ones while at the same time earning KINDER KASH on future purchases!

SO if you go in! Please tell her Katrina Brinton sent you in so I can get SOME 10.00 refferals!