Saturday, December 20, 2008

Epic Casual Dining

Sad that you can't see chloe's face!
Chloe playing patty cake
Whenever I say Smile she does these same cheese!
Jen told me about yogurt melts. Chloe cries inbetween them cause we don't feed her fast enough. They are like crack to her! And yes we have to place them in her mouth. When we give her the food in her hand she throws it!
Chloe Eating the paper on the table
Everyone around us was laughing because she was playing with the paper squeeling and laughing. This place was the best for her. She thought she was at Disneyland with all that paper.
Looks like they are on a little date
Little Mini and her dad

When we first got there I sat her on the bench by her grandma

Saturday night we went to the Epic Casual Dining in Midvale on Ft Union. This is about 5 minutes from my house and I never thought I should go try it. Well it is the best food!! It is super nice inside too! It is the type of restaurant that say's casual but it really isn't. It is super high end food and really cool inside. I got the Chicken Marsala and the Chicken was SOOO tender! And Porter got a Pork Medallion's dish and my mom got the Salmon. We also got this flat bread as a appetizer and it had chicken, walnuts, feta, cranberries and a pesto sauce on it. It was the most tasty appetizer ever! The tables along this one section are really close together so the couple next to us kept playing with Chloe so I asked them if there salad was good (a side salad that was soooo yummy looking had all kinds of greens and stuff) and he said they drive ALL the way from Park City to eat there 2 a month for a date night. He said that's how good this place is and there salad is the best salad I have ever had he said from anywhere. It reminded me of the salad that Carver's has that is my sister in laws favorite salad. So now I need to go again and pass on the appetizer and start with the salad that everyone was raving about. It is a huge side salad that could feel 2 people for sure. So the point is.... Everyone needs to go there! No one would be un happy! It was super busy and the best atmosphere! You want to dress kinda cute to go cause it is for sure not a casual dress down place but more a casual place because they have big purple sofa's while you are waiting! Really Cool!


Nabby Hazar said...

such cute pictures. i have been to that epic. i love it. my friends all go there all the time and love it. it seems like my parents don't die over it though.

Rachel said...

Chloe looks cute, as always! I know, Ava loved those yogurt things too, she couldn't get enough of them. Have you ever tried them? Mike loves them, I think they are disgusting. I think it's the texture. We'll have to try the place, see it all the time, just have never gone there.