Friday, June 6, 2008

I can't find my camera cord!

I am trying to find my camera cord and I am so mad it is lost..
aI took chloe to her 2 month dr appt this week and she weighed 13lbs 8 ozs and was
24 inches long. She is a little Long Board!! She is so cute and smiles and talks way more
now and blows spit bubbles and loves watching baby einstein at one point during the day.
I can't wait to find my cord and if Ican't find it I wonder if they sell spares? I am going
to go look this weekend.


McNeil said...

I hate when that happens. Although there is a solution, instead of buying another bulky annoying cord, you should get a memory stick reader, There is a spot for the memory stick, and then it plugs right into the USB. It looks like a flashdrive. They are awesome and little enough to fit in your pocket. No cords. You can buy them pretty much anywhere. Good luck. P.S. I'm glad to hear that little Chloe is healthy.

gunnarson said...

nice and healthy two month old! looks like you may have found a cord now, but I got my replacement on ebay for cheap.