Friday, June 6, 2008

Clara's Early Birthday Party

Mom please get her off of me NOW!!!!! It looks like he is talking haha!

Reid and Clara on the Stairs at Grandma's House. Clara is the b-day girl 3 years old.

A Cute Close up of Chloe with her Daddy

Chloe laying on Alvin's Shoulder.. He's still trying to smile for the camera

Alvin's Hand is by her shoulder kinda trying to push her off..

Close up of them on the coach by each other. Chloe giving Alvin a elbow/punch

Another Slight punch to the head by Chloe..

Sunday we went to Grandma Brinton's house for cousin Clara's Birthday. It was so much fun to get together and take new pics of babies cousins Chloe and Alvin in there matching outfits from Porter's Uncle and Aunt. There are both growing however Alvin can sit up when he is against something and Chloe can't yet. She can hold her head up and sit forward in her Bjorn now but when you sit her up against a chair she falls right over to her side. So you can tell by Alvin's face he wondered what was going on and why he had to be tortured by holding up this little girl. It was funny for the adults though escpecially Nabby and I we always laugh so hard when we see the faces they make when we lay them by each other and they both swat each others faces.