Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chloe's First time Swimming

Chloe in her little swimsuit
Chloe and Aunt Rochelle
Chloe in her Car Seat on the way there Gavin made her Smile

Today I went swimming at my brother in law's moms house. I was with there kids watching them so we were able to go to her pool. She has it in her backyard so those are the best kinds of pools to go to! I went with my sister Rochelle and her kids and Gavin and Hunter (there grandma's house) It was so much fun. Chloe actually loved the water. She loved kicking away and then after about 50 minutes she wanted a bottle and was out for a nap. What a cute girl. When she eats her bottle lately she loves to put her hand on it and hold it on one side by the nipple. What a cute girl!
She loves to be entertained but when she is she smiles right when you look at her and smile. She especially loves to laugh at her dad. Porter baths her every night. I go in also to watch but every night he gets her bath ready then after he puts on her lotion swaddles her and gets her to sleep and then I can get on the laptop and do whatever I want. He does this without fail every night and has for the longest time. He helps me so much because I am the type that needs some time to myself to do something I enjoy each night to wind down for bed so I love it. It has been so much work having a baby but I am so grateful to have her. But everyone that has had a baby can remember how hard there first was.. geesh lots of work to adjust! But of course totally worth it.


McNeil said...

Totally worth it. But it is a Huge change isn't it? That is so great that Porter helps you with the nightly ritual. It's also good Daddy Daughter bonding too.

West said...

I can't wait to see her! when I come in Aug we should get all the girls and babies together for a group pict or something!!!
thanks again for coming to the movie it was so fun seeing it with all the cutest girls in SLC!!!