Sunday, September 7, 2008

More New Pictures

I wanted this to be by the picture with her cousin but I have no clue how to move them :)
Clara and Chloe
Alvin in the hat that I bought for him and chloe.. Matching hats! :)

Today we went over to Grandma Brinton's house. We got a few pictures of Chloe and her cousins. Chloe is starting to sit up really well now and it makes it so nice when we go places. Today we ate dinner and she just sat there the whole time while we ate. It made it so much easier to eat because she was a lot happier. Friday I went to Forever 21 with Hillari, Brittany and Bethany we found some really cute jeans for 12.50! It was a lot of fun to go shopping! That's about all we did this week other then Crossfit and the Gym :)
I want to go on a girls night or day out and eat lunch with all of my friends!!!


Nabby Hazar said...

that hat looks sooo cut on her. i can't wait til friday:)

gunnarson said...

love the hats. soo cute. gotta get gav a hat soon for winter!

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

So cute! I love the hats!

Rachael said...

Where did you find those Katrina! You know me....always looking for cute hats to take photos of.

Rachael said...


Funny that you would ask...but I am just working on scheduling a work weekend in Salt Lake City. A friend of mine contacted me to do photos and has several friends interested. I will keep you posted. Although...just Vicki's family alone could keep me busy all afternoon! hee hee