Friday, September 26, 2008

What A Women Want's Expo

Hi Mommy
Chloe and Daddy stopped by the Expo to see me
Chloe got her flower and her bracelet from the Expo
Katrina and Hillari

Hillari in Action

Wes "porter's best friend"

Julie, Jody (preggers), Me and Hillari

Today I worked the what a women wants expo with Hillari, Julie, Jody, Wes and Rick. It was so much standing and working but so much fun to be with such good friends and working at the same time. We sold lots of energy bites and protein shakes for Total Health and Fitness. I am going again tomorrow so I am going to get a few more pictures too. My brother in law Pack stopped by too and took me around to people watch.. that was fun and we saw some interesting women well men dressed as women.. Hmmm yeah it was fun and he makes me laugh hard so that made it funner! I love Porter's fam!


Nabby Hazar said...

you look sooo skinny in those pics. and it looks kinda like you were doing the leg move:) i love your hair that length.

Brett & Brittany said...

You are so skinny! All of your hard work is paying off :) How Exciting :)

Rachael said...

Hey....are you still interested in photos? Call me at 734-678-6406.