Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Nephew Got Setting Apart as a Missionary

My mom and Michael
My niece Rachael and Me
My sister Rochelle and her oldest daughter Amie
Amie Me Nichael and Rachael

Last night we went to my nephew Michael's setting apart who is my sister Rochelle's son. I can't believe he is old enough to go on a mission.. My sister Rochelle was my 2nd mom growing up and I was around her kids a lot growing up. I am usually never really emotional but they went around the table and asked for everyone to say something to him before he got set apart and I just started crying out of no where.. I just thought about how he was so young and it went by so fast that he is now going on a mission.. I am going to miss him and he has such a awesome family. My sister Rochelle has 7 kids and she is such a good example as what a mom should be and has raised the best kids!! My nephew Michael is such a good grandson to my mom.. He always calls and talks to her and invites her to go to sizzler non stop because he knows she loves that place. And he recently has called her a lot to go to the temple with him.. I know she will miss him!! Most kids are just way into there friends at age 19 and he is too and has way close friends but always makes his family time come first. He is such a example to me!